Research Areas
Infrastructure Network Resilience Analysis

I focus on using complex network theory and data sciences tools to investigate infrastructure network resilience performance.

Societal Impact of Infrastructure Failure

I am interested in understanding how infrastructure failure impacts social well-being using disaster informatics tools such as survey, interview, crowd-sourcing, and social media.

Smart & Sustainable City

I aim to prepare the city to achieve long-term sustainability while growing smart through resilient network control with the help of big data and artificial intelligence.

Network Mobility & Accessibility

I try to provide better mobility and accessibility in a disrupted environment using data-driven analytics and simulation.

Resilience Planning & Management

I am interested in investigating the influence of human-system in disaster management and incorporate human factor into resilience planning to achieve an equitable urban system.

Side Projects

The observation that disease associated proteins often interact with each other has fueled the development of network-based approaches to elucidate the molecular mechanisms of human disease. Such approaches build on the assumption that protein interaction networks can be viewed as maps in which diseases can be identified.

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In this visualization, we show the random impact rule in all its power. You can explore careers in different disciplines, rank scientists according to different career parameters, or select a subset of them. You will always find the impact peaks occurring all over the place, from the beginning of a career on the left to the end of a career on the right.

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The concept of the cosmic web - viewing the universe as a set of discrete galaxies held together by gravity - is deeply ingrained in cosmology. Yet, little is known about architecture of this network or its characteristics. Our research used data from 24,000 galaxies to construct multiple models of the cosmic web, offering complex.

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